Don Quixote in Newark

Dr. James Oleske wants to change the way Americans respond to death especially the death of children. Oleske, a pioneering AIDS pediatrician at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark, was one of the the first to identify AIDS in infants and young children in the 1980s, when most physicians thought it medically impossible. His influential work with AIDS for almost three decades, has now led him to found Circle of Life Children Centers (COLCC), one of the nation's first programs to provide palliative and hospice care for premature infants, newborns, young children and adolescents.

Don Quixote in Newark will plumb Oleske's remarkable history as a pioneering AIDS physician as it follows him and his colleagues including neonatologist Dr. Onajovwe Fofah and Nurse Sheila Walsh over the course of several months at University Hospital. The film will observe Oleske and his team as they care for patients and their families, helping them as they struggle with life and death decisions. As it reveals powerful human stories, it will also explore critical policy issues, often pushed to the side in America, around the care of terminally ill children.

The Zionist Idea

The Zionist Idea, a feature documentary funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, looks at the story of Zionism, one of the most influential and controversial political ideologies of the modern era. Amidst the fierce, often lethal controversy, Zionism is little understood and its meanings often distorted.. 

Zionists believed that a Jewish nation would bring normalcy to Jews, an end to centuries of anti-Semitism and  persecution, and ultimately lead to acceptance.   But, early on Zionists faced opposition from Palestine's majority of Arab inhabitants, who saw Zionism as a form of colonialism, depriving them of their own national rights.  The result was conflict and bloodshed.   

The creation of the State of Israel in 1948 has lead to an almost continual state of war between Jews, Palestinians and other Arab nations. Now more than ever, the Middle East plays a central role in world politics and the conflict between Arabs and Jews continues to threaten not only the stability of the region, but the globe.  The film, featuring voices both pro and con, explores the Zionist idea, its past and its future, so that this crucial modern political force can be understood in all its complexity